At Project One, we have a purpose beyond profit. Our fundamental values of People, Places, Purpose underpin our commitment to having a positive impact on our built & natural environment and on our community. The growing realisation that our activities cannot come at the expense of our environment or people, is the driving force behind our ESG strategy.


At the heart of the environmental component of ESG lies the recognition of the impact our activities have on finite resources, the climate and ecosystem. This understanding is at the core of our environmental strategies. We acknowledge we are only at the tip of the iceberg. Our strategies are continuously evolving in response to increasing awareness, information & available data.

Our current initiatives include:

Carbon Neutral Certification
Project One has officially achieved Carbon Neutral Certification through Climate Active, a unique Government-backed organisation which aims to empower businesses to reduce their carbon emissions. This achievement is a testament to our ongoing commitment to achieving our ESG goals and actively making a positive impact on our environment.

How did we achieve this?

Comprehensive Carbon Assessment
Through consultation with Nett Zero, we completed a carbon account and emissions inventory, which revealed:

  • Our total emissions for FY22-23 were 127.02tCO2-e.
  • Primary contributors were identified as:
    – Electricity (22.04tCO2-e)
    – Transport Air & Land (83.80tCO2-e)
    – Professional Services / Events (8.07tCO2-e)
    – Office Equipment & Supplies (8.72tCO2-e)

Emissions Reduction Initiatives
In our continued commitment to reduce our CO2-e, we are implementing several strategies including:

  • Installing timers on all our office electrical circuits
  • Only travelling with Uber Green approved vehicles
  • Reducing our flights and offsetting those we do take
  • Moving toward electric vehicles
  • Developing an ESG checklist for suppliers & contractors to ensure we partner with those whose ESG goals align with our own
  • Assisting contractors & suppliers in developing their own ESG initiatives & reporting

Carbon Offsetting
To neutralise our remaining emissions, we invested in high-quality carbon offset projects that are making a real difference in communities and ecosystems.

Reducing waste through measured design practices, responsible procurement and repurposing. Where waste is unavoidable. we are committed to diverting a minimum of 90% waste from landfill on each of our projects. Reporting data is collated for each project and reviewed for future improvement.

As the primary means of waste reduction, repurposing focusses on not just furniture and materials, but also the adaptive re-use of the built environment. The existing space is assessed against our client’s brief to determine opportunities for incorporating existing elements into the works.

ISO 14001 Environmental



An emphasis on social responsibility is not merely a moral imperative, but also a business one. The Social aspect of our ESG framework underscores the importance of considering the human elements intertwined within our business activities. Our strategies focus on creating lasting positive impacts on our immediate and global communities and contributing to societal value.

We feel privileged and fortunate to be able to give back to the community, often working in collaboration with our clients, to sponsor events and to help raise funds for a number of specific charities with whom we have a close association. This genuine initiative comes from the staff themselves who all share the same values.

Our current initiatives include:

Community Development
Committed to investing in the betterment of our community, we partner with and support organisations including Giant Steps, Jeans for Genes Australia & Cerebral Palsy Alliance through fundraising, furniture donations & working bees.

Diversity & Inclusion
We respect and value the importance and benefits of a diverse and inclusive team, where individuals from varying backgrounds with differing beliefs & capabilities can contribute fresh perceptions which improve our culture and customer service. Our team comprises of 40%+ women and over 19 cultural backgrounds.

Supply Chain Management
Understanding our obligations extend beyond our own business operations, we review our suppliers & contractors for compliance with strict ethical and social standards, including labour & human rights, IR, child labour & human trafficking, D&I, WHS, Sustainable procurement and environment, amongst others.

ISO 45001 OH&S

Charities we have worked with include Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Giant Steps, Polished Man, Movember Foundation, Rev Bill Crews Foundation and many others.


The rationale for strong governance transcends legal obligations. Transparency, ethical leadership and accountability, are at the core of our governance structure, dictating our overall direction, decision-making processes, and our ethical standards. We understand and respect the critical role of principled and accountable leadership in achieving long-term sustainability and stakeholder trust.

Our governance standards include:

Ethical leadership
We practice responsible and considerate conduct toward all stakeholders, honouring moral principles and values, and are driven by the respect for the dignity & rights of others.

Regulatory compliance
Closely monitoring local and international regulations, we ensure adherence to the law as well as the spirit of standards in the context in which they are written.

Risk mitigation
Our governance framework incorporates mechanisms to identify, assess, and manage potential internal and external risks, to ensure we can continue to fulfill our responsibilities to all stakeholders.

Our reporting data and financial & non-financial information including our company policies are readily available, ensuring all stakeholders have a clear view of our operations, performance, and future prospects.

ISO 19001 Quality